Thursday, March 05, 2009

treasures: bird cage

don't let imperfections postpone time with loved ones... the quirks are what make it memorable.

i heard that quote from something on tv yesterday. it was referring to the home and i thought it was so good. i need to remind myself of that more often. nothing will ever be perfect. there will always be something i want to change/fix/etc. but i can't let those little things steal away from what is most important... family, friends, life, love, memories... it's just not worth waiting until you have the PERFECT home in order to entertain and live fully and happily. it's just not worth it. who knows what will happen between now and then. life throws crazy curve balls and i am learning that more and more. so don't let the little things, the imperfections, postpone time with your loved ones. those are truly the most valuable treasures in life.

as for tangible treasures, today's treasure is something i found about a year ago at a local antique shop in visalia. i was planning a baby shower with some friends for my sister and her 3rd bird. i mean baby, yes baby. since it was her 3rd, the theme, 'another little birdie joins the nest' was a given. with that kind of theme you would obviously expect to see bird houses, nests, and possibly birds? ah, yes, real birds. real, cute, sweet, little finchie birds. oh, sorry. back to the treasures. so, i went on a hunt for fun bird houses/cages for the shower. i found a lot of really cool antiquey bird houses at one antique store but they were a little too pricey for my liking. so i kept looking.

one day as i was driving to work, i decided to turn down a different side street (i like being random like that. i like to switch things up. especially when it delivers such an excellent outcome as it did in this story.) as i turned down the street, i noticed an antique store i had never seen before. it's nestled back off of main street and i fear often missed because of its odd location. i immediately noticed multiple birdcages. of course i pulled over. this lady had treasures goin' on for days, let me just tell you. it was extremely cluttered, but then again, what antique store isn't?? i found some not-so-good birdcages that i was considering, until i came across these. how many cages do you see there my friends...?

four cages in one? yes please, i will take them all thank you very much. i think the lady was asking $45 for them and i walked out spending $30. ahh, the joys of antique shopping. these were exactly what we needed for the shower. and four for the price of $30? $7.50 a piece...not too bad if i say so myself. :) i have recently given these bird cages a make over for my spring decorating. can't wait to show you.
if you haven't read the story of the real-live-birdie's from the shower, you must take 2 minutes to do so. it's a heroic tale of a husband that loves his wife so much that with some determination and a steady hand, he became a bird-catcher.


Anonymous said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing!
Where, exactly is that mysterious antiques store? I need to hunt it down for myself! :)

themom said...

yes, I was thinking the same thing myself. Rach is holding out on us! Do tell! I want to go there too! love ya! glad Peter Finchie is doing better!

themom said...

PS the pics of Pete are toooooooo cute!

rae events said...

the store is called "Dolores N Me Antiques"

address is: 105 s. clark #A

quite an eclectic place...the lady specializes in jewlery and chandeliers. mom--you would love the chanda's. very fun.

glad you liked the birdie pics...but they aren't pete. atticus is the one that escaped at the shower, remember?! crazy bird. :)