Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another birdie, part II

This is a true story. One of the birds escaped my 'must-have, beautiful' antique cage that I bought just for this baby shower. It was a bit traumatic I must admit. But there is no need in going there, because guess what people, there is a happy ending to this ever-so-sad story! I've always known my husband to be extremely talented, but this night in particular, he proved himself heroic. Little birdie aka Atticus (see above) escaped from the cage and sat atop the canopying tree during the entire shower. He was frozen with fear, seeing as this was his first time ever to be cage-free. One would think he would have flown far-far-away. But he didn't. He stayed for hours, even until the shower was over. This is when my husband came to save the day. He climbed up a tall ladder, and yes, caught the bird out of the tree with his bare hands.

I am happy to say the 3 little finches (Atticus, Finch, and Pete) that were purchased solely for this baby shower, now have a happy little home right in our living room :)

we all love presents :)

I think this food table was long enough, don't you? Goodness. :)

the drink table

Martha Stewart's baby bluebird cupcakes. I think they turned out cute figuring I whipped them up in less than a half hour! Mom came to the rescue to put the final touches on with their little eyes. :) I changed the recipe a bit by using vanilla buttercream instead of the chocolate that Martha calls for. It was for no reason other than I was on a serious time-crunch. But I thought they turned out delicious just as they were.

This was my first shot at My Sweet & Saucy's recommended Vanilla Buttercream and I loved it! I will definitely be sticking with this recipe. If you are looking for a yummy and easy buttercream, I highly recommend this one. The lemon juice takes away that normal overly "sweeeet" flavor. Try it!

I have just started using fondant and I love it. These little leaves turned out exactly how I pictured them to be, and they were so fun to make.

Don't forget your bath salts!

photo credits: studio317 and the 'not so professional' pictures were clicked by yours truly :)


Crystal Sauceda-Dodson said...

Rachel you amaze me everytime I read a new post! Not that I didn't already know you were amazing, but your creativity, beauty and heart shine in EVERY single thing you do. I love you tons!

PS--promise me that if I ever get back to V-town while pregnant you will do my shower?!?!

My Sweet & Saucy said...

What an amazing event! Everything was gorgeous! I am so glad that you tried out the buttercream and liked it!

*aron* said...

OMGOSH the birds are yours now?!?! i LOVE them :) yayyyy

and again... you are AMAZING.

The Budz Family said...

I tried the butter cream frosting, you are right, it is great! I love the lightness of the lemon juice in it. Mmmmm . . . not going back to my tried and true Betty Crocker one anymore, this ones the new keeper, thanks for sharing! And how cool is the Sweet & Saucy site, dang, I should ahve NEVER found that one. (Only because I love it so much I stay up way too late looking at things, HA! Adorable shower by the way, amazing!