Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another little birdie joins the nest.

It was the perfect evening for a baby shower; beautiful and breezy outside. Guests said they felt as if they were in another state because it seemed so magical. Is this what spring evenings feel like living in New Orleans, while sitting outside sipping lemonade and watching the fireflies?

What a fun shower this was; definitely one of my favorites ever. It might have something to do with being my sister's 3rd baby and a 'bird' themed shower, but I could be wrong. :-)

Small Stump's birch tubes

Birds of a feather, stick together

The surprise guests of the evening...3 little Zebra Finches.

The sweet little finches took center stage and chirped the night away.

The beautiful invitations were designed and printed by Studio 317. They were amazing.

More pics to come...


Deene Souza said...

OK, this is awesome! Brilliant!

kelly said...

Ummm...for those of us who lean to the "decorating-challenged" side of things, this is a pretty miraculous display. I seriously mean miraculous. How does your brain do all of that?? It's gorgeous.

*aron* said...

omgosh girl, you outdid yourself once again... soooo amazing!