Thursday, March 05, 2009

before & after: living room

last week (or the week before), i showed you the before and after pics of our bedroom. well, now it is time for the living room! i really, really, really wish i would have gotten "before" pictures before the painter started. the walls were soooo dirty. so just imagine all the before pictures with grimy tan-colored (from all the dirt) walls, ok? shall we begin?

starting off at the very edge of the room is the nasty threshold between the kitchen and the living room.



here is a picture just a few steps into the living room from the kitchen (don't mind all the appliances in the middle of the room. the flooring in the kitchen was being laid and the walls were being painted. so all the kitchen junk was moved to the living room).



this is where the heater sat (and currently sits) in the living room...look at the difference in the carpet. yuck.



i love our heater. keeps us nice and warm. :)

this picture was taken from standing in the kitchen, peering through the living room, looking at the master bedroom door.



this view is from the opposite side of the living room looking at the door frame that leads into the kitchen. (the black circle in the right hand corner is what our "fireplace" plugs into.)



i love our double fan. :)

ah, our guest book. i actually like reading this. people wrote such funny (& surprisingly long) things!

i do apologize for not getting more "before" pictures. i really didn't do a good job of that. nonetheless, here are some more angles and views of the room without before pics.

this picture is taken from standing in the master bedroom door frame looking into the living room (obviously).

a shot of the entire room

this is technically our front door, but is actually our back door. (does that make sense?) we rarely use this door, except for when we sit on that cute park bench (i think i have sat there one time), or when we eat lunch at the picnic table (which i plan on doing much more often in this lovely weather).

there is our sweet little rickety picnic table, with the glorious blooming almond trees right behind it. makes for a wonderful view at lunch time. :) (i also must say that i love this door. it's so old. and so fragile. and i heart it so very much. where can you find doors like this these days?).

here is our entry table that my crafty husband built for me. (i should have gotten a better picture of it because it is fabulous. for that i am sorry.) and yes, those are all self portraits you see. we have no kids.

look at his craftsmanship...he is such a perfectionist. and for that i am thankful :)

apparently we do have one picture in our home other than ourselves. of course it is of our 3 favorite precious-munchkins.

it would NOT be right to do an entire post of the living room and not show where the birds live. there is this little corner right to the side of the entertainment center where they fit perfectly. for now their cage sits atop these two (of four) benches which were hand-made for us as a wedding gift that we love. however, i don't really LOVE them as a bird-cage stand. we have a cute little white table (from my grandma of course) that will hold them perfectly, we just haven't had time to "clean it up."

hope you enjoyed visiting our home yet once again. i wish i had the curtains hung for you to see (and for my own sake. can anyone say privacy?), but ah well, what are you gonna do. there are always more important things on the list.


Kona Shelley said...

Very nice work, looks like i'm seeing a design mag ad or something..:-)

Jamie said...

Once again I loved the house tour. I think I recognize those round blue vases from your wediing and I loved them. Where did you getr them?

rae events said...

good eye jamie! the vases are from our wedding...we got them at michael's. it's that steel-grey blue that we love, isn't it?! :)

rae events said...
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kelly said...

Love it! I especially love the hue on your walls. What is the name of the paint? (I just love how they name that stuff.)

Also, ditto on:
(a) having pictures of yourself on your walls. when you have amazing wedding/other pictures, and no kids, why not??

(b) country houses not having curtains. we went through a period of feeling completely exposed to the outside world 24/7 until we could get some curtains up in our country house. not even the bathrooms had curtains!

LASTLY, thanks for the birthday greetings! I almost died laughing thinking of us in jr. high. love it.