Monday, February 23, 2009

before & after: master bdrm

good morning! happy monday. :) i can't believe we are almost 2 months in to 2009. amazing how fast time goes by the older we get, right? we had a great weekend, with an extremely successful yard sale, and some fun time with my family, so that was very nice! the weekends always seem to go by too fast though. :)

to start this week off i thought i would show you some before & afters of our home. i realized i had mentioned this a few times in the past couple months, yet never got around to actually posting anything! one of the reasons i haven't is because we are still trying to take things from the before to the after! lol so many things to get done and so little time. however, i have learned that the "little" things are not a priority when life is busy. thus, we have trim that needs painting, cabinets that need hanging, and baseboards that need nailing. ah, such is life.

thankfully, there are a couple rooms we have completely finished. today i will show you the master bedroom (whatever "master bedroom" means in this context. there is no bathroom attached and it is exactly the same size as one of the bedrooms. i suppose the only reason we call it "master" is because that's where we sleep). at any rate, my husband and i were really afraid that we wouldn't fit into the bedroom. not he and I, but our STUFF. we were afraid our canopy bed wouldn't fit and we thought for sure that our nightstands wouldn't fit. well...let me just say that the furniture does FIT, but it's a cozy, tight squeeze. :) had our nightstands been 2 inches bigger, we would not have them anymore!

unfortunately, i wasn't able to get any pictures of the inside of the house before the painter came. (i really wish you could have seen the walls pre-primer. it was a site). and sadly, i only got one picture of the bedroom. but still, you can get an idea of where we started and where we've come.



(apparently i do not know how to center the pillows on our bed.)

the surprising thing is that a dresser is also in this room, to the right of the door. like i said, it's tight but we have squeezed ourselves in there. :)


molly said...

so glad you found my blog! that rainbow cake is awesome!

Crystal Sauceda-Dodson said...

Love it Rachel! Gorgeous color choices!

Jamie said...

I love seeing before and afters! You did an amazing job with that small space. I love the colors, very similiar to my favorite colors for my house.

themom said... is beautiful. and even more so when I KNOW what it looked like the very first time I saw the house!