Friday, February 20, 2009

treasures: little things

i am a sucker for all things small and precious, so when my grandparents gave me these, i squealed for joy. not that i will ever use them (or shall we say drink them), but i find them sweet and charming. plus, they are a fun conversation piece in our dining's not every day you see barbie-sized alcoholic bottles on display (unless of course you live on an airplane).

these silly little bottles remind me of how adventurous my grandparents are and how they have always loved to travel, whether it be by car or plane. i hope i am like them when i grow up. i don't think anything can hinder their love of traveling. in fact, right now they are on their way to their favorite coastal beach for 3 whole weeks. i don't know many 80 year olds that can first of all, drive themselves to the beach and second of all, get around by themselves the entire 3 weeks that they're there. i think they're really swell.

just to give you a relative idea of how small these bottles really are...

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Jamie said...

I wanted to give you that site I was telling you about. Lindsey from Imperfect (blog) uses this site since it's so affordable to buy her ribbon.