Tuesday, March 03, 2009

who needs PB?

directly out our back door (which is actually the front door from where we park), is a barn. a big old barn. (that is so lovely).

attached to the barn is a little room. it used to be the milk man's something rather, but i can't remember.

the roof of that little room is old. and i have always noticed that it looked somewhat mossy, but i never checked it out up close. well, friday afternoon my hubby got the ladder out and i got up there to check it out for myself.

boy oh boy, that roof is covered in moss. i couldn't believe my eyes! (and my father-in-law couldn't believe how excited i was about that.)

i used his little scraper to carefully remove some of the moss off the roof and told my husband all i needed to do now was find the perfect place for it in our home. i realize it's probably really weird to some people to want to bring moss into their home. but hey, people BUY moss like crazy these days (myself included), so to get it for FREE is awesome! i'm not complaining that's for sure. :)

some old treasures. i love walking around out there...it's like a small museum.

i especially love this old radio flyer.

i found the perfect spot for my "live" moss in some of my spring decorating (hopefully to be posted tomorrow). now we just have to wait and see how long this lovely moss will live. (out of its element that is).


erin said...

ooohhh! what an amazing find! the moss I (ahem) "found" dried out rather nicely and even stayed a light shade of green... just left it in a nice sunny place to dry quickly! Hope your moss adventures go well!

themom said...

Oh my gosh! You are turning into me! I love you! hee hee hee

rae events said...

erin--i totally thought about you when i was out there "harvesting" the moss :) i was wondering how yours was doing!! so glad to hear it dried out nicely. can't wait to see it!

rae events said...

yes mom, i have to say. i think i am a mini-me.