Monday, March 02, 2009

one week ago

i showed you this.

the blossoms had started but were very random. some trees had 'em, some trees didn't.

just one week later and the trees are covered in lovely white blossoms. nature sure moves fast, doesn't it?

please excuse the bad quality pictures. i have been too lazy to take my camera outside and have been using my phone instead. lame i know.

i had a fun weekend with lots of crafting time. i have been inspired to spring-up our house so i worked on accomplishing that goal. :) i was planning on posting some pics but it will just have to wait as i haven't finished yet. last night we were down at the pet ER with one of our little finchies (yes I called him a finchie not a finch) because we thought he broke his foot. :( he is home now but still in a delicate stage. he can't even be with the other birds right now. it was a sad night. and my house looks like it threw up pastels and branches. hopefully it will look better once it's actually decorated with this stuff! i hope you had a great weekend!

PS- are you excited for the bachelor finale tonight?! cannot wait.

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aron said...

oh no! is your birdie ok??? i hope so! the pet ER is not a fun place :(