Friday, March 13, 2009

real wedding: part II

while i was organizing the blog the other night and looking through some of the archives, i realized i never finished up this wedding. i promised details and never followed through. well, i thought i'd switch things up today and do just that! enough of spring decorating...let's look at a fabulous wedding!

the wedding was obviously teal and orange in color with a nod to a 'beach' theme. these plexi boxes with the beach glass that held the escort cards are genius. i love them.

the "coral" you see above was actually flexible tree branches (i think from pier1?) that were spray painted to look like coral. i told you spray paint was amazing.

guest book table with all that luscious fabric. i heart that color.

each table was named after a beach that the bride & groom love. there was a beautiful pic on every table of the beach that went with that table.

this was a fun candy bar! and this thing got RAIDED. the reception had not even started and people were filling their boxes as full as they could go. most popular? home-made chocolate shells and the blue gummy sharks. who would've thought? more to come...

(apparently pictures cannot be viewed in internet explorer when uploaded from picasa albums. umm, that's stupid. this post has been updated to reflect the pictures that should have been included with the original posting).


aron said...

none of the pics are showing up for me :(

aron said...

ps loving the new look :)

rae events said...

about the pictures...that's weird.

My Sweet & Saucy said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I love this recent event that you did! Stunning!