Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We love weddings

Most girls I know love going to weddings and second only to going, love looking at pictures of weddings. I am the same way-I love all things wedding. For the next couple days I am featuring a beautiful wedding. This wedding was spectacular. The bride. The venue. The decor. The food. The cake. The dj. It was all amazing. And that is not just because the bride was my cousin. I would have said the same thing if she weren't my cousin because this truly was a beautiful wedding with delicious food :). I helped a bit beforehand with some minimal details, but it was the bride (cousin), the mom (aunt), and my mom who pulled this beautiful shin-dig off. WOW. Here are some pics from that August 2 wedding.

Here is the aisle pre-ceremony...this was a beautiful church. When the lights were down and these lanterns were glowing it was amazing.

Please look closely at the ring-bearer. First because he is my nephew :) secondly because he is wearing orange converse. How amazing is that. Seriously, orange converse and a black tux. Perfection.

More to come on this lovely wedding...stay tuned!

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