Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back to business.

So I admit, I have written handfuls of personal posts in the last couple months, and to be honest, I will probably do a lot more in the next few months. Why? Because I like life and I especially like mine in particular because well, after all, this is the only one I am living, right? So, this is not an apology for personal LIFE postings, it's more of a celebration that I have other goodness coming your way! We are getting back to business! That's right folks, I have got some fun little "creative" things headed your way! (It's about time, I know).

So I know I stated this post was not going to be a personal post. Well, I kind of lied. This post actually holds the "personal" and "business" title all in one! I think you will like it anyway though. :) Enough jabbering, let me get to it! This is the invitation I designed {along with my creative bro-in-law} for my best friend's bachelorette party. We didn't want the typical bachelorette themed invites or party so this ended up being a perfect combination; enough sassiness for a bachelorette party and yet still personal to Jenna. I especially loved combining the teal in with the pink & black. Not only did it seem perfect for her, but it seemed fun and a little different from the norm. (Please ignore the missing text from the invites. I deleted addresses, names, and phone numbers for the sake of privacy).

It was a great girls weekend out; fun was had by all! On the final day of the weekend, us girls decided that we need to start having an annual "bachelorette" party even if no one is getting married! It's easy to get caught up in life and all the wonderful things it brings, and forget how much fun it is to get away and have some good fun with the girls. Hopefully next summer I will be posting the invitation for the annual "married" bachelorette party. :)

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*aron* said...

LOOOOVE the idea of the married bachelorette party :) SOOO fun!