Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I have some sad news...the wedding posts will not be continuing this week. Unfortunately, our one and only computer (my life at the moment since I am a FULL TIME student ONLINE) has decided to STOP working. She has to be sent in to the dr for about a month, which means all of my pictures will be gone. (No, I have not started uploading to an online share program and yes, I know that I need to start doing so asap). It was a sad and stressful evening last night, realizing I would not have my laptop for about a month. Thankfully we have found someone that will let us borrow one for the time being. But still no pics. So...there may be random posts like this for the next month, but I am not expecting anything too exciting. :( Once said laptop is back in my possession, wedding posts should resume. (Should meaning: hopefully :)

1 comment:

*aron* said...

BOOOOOO i dont like this news!

and YES you need to get on the online sharing ASAP!