Sunday, March 15, 2009

real wedding: part III

remember this fishy shower with these whimsy invitations? well, featured below is that lovely girl's wedding. this wedding was gorgeous! i am a bit partial seeing as the wedding was for my beautiful cousin and because i am in love with that teal/orange combination, but still. anyone in their right mind would say the details of this wedding were nothing shy of perfection.

the orange roses paired with the mini orange orchids were stunning. the orchids definitely brought in that "beachy" feel my beautiful cousin wanted. and aren't those floor vases incredible? if you can't tell, the vases were filled with shells most of the way with a white starfish suspending from the top. it was a subtle, clean way to bring in that look she wanted and i think it was executed perfectly!

the unity candle table resembled the gorgeous floral pieces with the floating starfish.

this is my favorite moment! a happy {and beautiful} bride and groom!

ok... now, on to the the reception! :)

a few goldfish livened up the bar area

miniature versions of the floral pieces from the wedding adorned half of the tables. can we say exquisite?! i loved that coral piece on the bottom with that gorgeous teal raw silk!

the venue (via verde country club) had a beautiful mantle and fire place. it's one of those things that you can't ignore because well, it's permanent. so instead of fighting against it, you gotta work with it. coral and goldfish tied it in well with the rest of the decor.

these have definitely become the hit of the party these days, right? i don't care how many times i see it, it is still just as fun!

check out those seashell vases. so cool! and vases with coral etched into the glass? we found those at tuesdaymorning for only $15 bucks a piece! look how huge those things are! it was a steal.

lastly...the scrumptious wedding cake. just looking at this thing makes my mouth water...look at that buttercream! WOW! and it was as tasty as it looks.

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Jamie said...

Gorgeous!!! I love beachy wedding themes and this one is superb.