Tuesday, February 17, 2009

treasures: old fridge

going to my grandparents as a little girl was a treat. they only lived 45 minutes away, but it was still so special every time we went! some of my fondest memories at g&g's house is grandma sneaking me slices of grandpa's velveeta cheese and having canned sodas from their extra refrigerator in the garage (they had every kind of soda imaginable). i loved that refrigerator as a little girl and i grew to love it even more as i got older.

when i heard a couple years ago that my grandparents were thinking about getting rid of the fridge, i made sure to tell them i wanted it with all my heart. :) my husband immediately cringed at the idea, because the first thing he saw when looking at it was $$$ signs. running a 50+ year old refrigerator is expensive. and in his words, "why do we need an old, expensive refrigerator when we have a brand new one?!" oh honey, so many things to learn. :)

i wasn't willing to lose this awesome fridge for the sake of money, so i came up with a better idea. the fridge would act as a pantry instead of an actual refrigerator, therefore we wouldn't need to plug it in. we save money, get the old fridge i've always wanted, and we're both happy! so, a couple years later and the fridge/pantry lives in our new home.

this is our everyday pantry. we have another (more traditional) pantry that holds all the canned foods and extra items, but this pantry holds opened items like cereal, breads, and snackies. the only things that are not opened in here are the drinks (simply because there isn't room for them in the other pantry).

aren't these produce drawers adorable? i love them. and they fit our bread and snacks so well!

the "frozen food" section actually acts as a storage space for all our ziplocs, foil, some paper products etc...it's snug, but fits a lot!

the original metal ice cube trays are still in the top!

old-school handle. gotta love it.

ok, so here's the deal. we are going to paint the fridge. don't worry, this is not the original color. my grandma painted it back in the day... ahh, how crafty she was. :) anyway, we have gone back and forth between colors. because we love the retro look (hence wanting the retro fridge), the two colors high on the list are black and silver. i think silver would be awesome, but black could be cool too since our entire kitchen is yellow and black. my other thought is to paint it something totally different like teal or red. it would add such an awesome pop to the room, but i just can't decide. today i am really leaning towards the teal idea. i am thinking of a teal along these lines from this shower...but don't be fooled, my ideas could totally be different by tonight. :) so what color would you paint this fridge if it were in your house and you had these yellow walls (see 2nd pic from the top)? please leave a comment...i would love to know your thoughts! :)

thanks for joining me today on our little treasure adventure...can't wait to share more with you!


themom said...

OK, robin egg teal was THE color of the 50's and 60's. SO, if you want to be totally retro and current at the same time, I say go with the teal, but to be truly retro, it needs to be light teal not dark. If you need help picking paint colors, I am always here to help! :0)

rae events said...

you are right. i never thought about it...to be retro it needs to be light teal. that actually seems better anyway cause it would still pop but would be more light and airy in that tight space. i think i really want to do teal now...now i just have to convince the hubby :)

kimricosays said...

I would do a light teal color as well, as fun as the red sounds I think it would give it just the right amount of pop you want without being over bearing! haha


you're fridge is so fun!

Luke said...

My entire heart screams "TEAL!!!" Tell James I say it's manly (for all that's worth...)

rae events said...

i love it luke. having the opinion of at least one other guy will make him feel better for sure. i think TEAL is the winner. now i just have to DO IT! thanks for all the input guys :)

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...


Jamie said...

I agree with everyone else, robins egg teal! Love it!

James said...