Tuesday, September 30, 2008

rocks, lights, and a pretty tree.

Here are a few more pics from the lingerie shower a couple weeks ago. I thought perhaps you could see the 200 lb. teal tree (that my amazing husband made) a bit better in full size pictures. :) I'm sorry, but I have to brag. I saw this entire vision in my head months ago, and he helped bring it to life. When I asked for a tree, cemented in a box (that he will have to make), and spray painted teal, he smiles and helps me... Instead of calling me crazy. :) I am soooo incredibly thankful for him. Another little project I liked was the namecards. I collected a bunch of different sized rocks on our beach trips this summer and used chalk to write everyone's name on them. Not only was it free, but it felt kind of earthy and organic too. I really liked 'em!

Chinese lanterns as always. A fav around here. :)

Note to self: 35 floating candles is an amazing idea, but never forget that those 35 candles quickly become one blob of floating wax and flame in the center (or side) of the pool. They just never work out the way you want them to.

In addition to the ice cream bar, we had cute little sugar cookies made for the favors in the teal bags. I thought they turned out real cute. When it comes down to it, if you don't know what favors to get, go with something EDIBLE. It always makes people happy!


*aron* said...

LOVE it!!!!! its all soooo pretty and feminine and SASSY!

what did you guys have for dinner? did you make or get it catered? i LOVE the idea of a dinner party for a lingerie shower!

Jamie said...

oh goodness, i just love seeing all of your creativity again. so glad you are putting pics of your parties back up.....love it!

Jamie said...

Hi Rach-so the cinderella pumpkins are .45 cents per pound at Avila Valley Barn. The big one I have that is multi-colored was 9$. All together I got all of mine in the pictures plus 3 more mini ones for 19$. I thought that was a pretty good price but they are probably a bit more expensive than those from the grocery store. It's just worth it there because the selection is so nice. You should definantly have your grandparent get you some. I wish you could just go there since it so fun and festive right now. Love you-jamie

Cheyene said...

You're amazing, Rach! Now, what kind candles did you use? Is there any way to superglue/hot glue/thread a piece of something like upholstery thread through the candle to a rock, that way you can have the floating candles floating where you WANT them to float?
Is that even coherent?