Thursday, February 19, 2009

sweets for my sweets

my honey is sweeter than cupcakes, but he still likes to eat them. so i made him a double batch for love day. i used martha's recipe for the ganache frosting, to which my sweets said was "the best frosting he has ever had. don't change a thing."

surprisingly, the recipe was very easy to follow and turned out exactly how i expected it to. not too sweet, not too bitter. (although i wish my penmanship looked like that of martha's cake decorator's). i did not however make homemade cupcakes cause i didn't feel like it (and i heard her recipe was dry), so instead i got boxed red velvet and devil's food...and boy were they moist and tasty. some cupcakes were decorated with the white chocolate scribbles and others were topped with chocolate covered strawberries. yummy.

we love cupcakes.

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