Saturday, February 14, 2009

feeling blue?

i know i said i wouldn't be back until tuesday, but i couldn't resist this fun little quiz that i got in my inbox this morning. according to the color association of the united states (whom i love), i am:

you are a sunburst yellow valentine and the light you shed fills the hearts of those around you with warmth and joy. your love of freedom and hunger for life is so evident that strangers that pass you on the street often can’t help but smile at you. falling in love with you can make people examine their own level of happiness, not to mention if their sunglasses are working properly.

well golly that made me feel good!

so tell us, what color of valentine are you? the quiz takes approximately 5 seconds, so please just donate those 5 seconds to us and tell us what color you are (with the description too!) :)

happy love day!


Jamie said...

You are a Blush Pink Valentine, which means you serve as a great source of sweetness and grace. Friends admire you for your gentle manner and your grateful attitude toward life. Your vibe is tender and quieting – after all, there’s no need to yell. Falling in love with you is like coming home to a warm kitchen that smells like cookies. That does sound fantastic, doesn’t it?

Jamie said...

Yours completely desbribed you Rachel!