Sunday, January 08, 2012

winter ONEderland

 on december 30, 2010 i had two babies. my life changed forever (everyone always says that). and on january 7, 2012 we celebrated their first birthday. i realized half way through planning their party (back in november?), that it was really more for me than them. i like parties. i love planning. details. pretty things. crafting. and well, lincoln & wren? let's be honest. they could have cared less. they did enjoy their cakes (more like, lincoln enjoyed his cake), but the decorations and hoopla? i'm sure they could have passed on all that. but for me, it was a part of processing this whole big year of change. accomplishment. joy. love. challenge. LIFE. and so i continued on with the party planning. by the time the party actually got here, i decided next year we'll be having their party at chuck-e-cheese. yum. 

 okay, so on to the fun stuff. decor, crafts & CUPCAKES. woodland creatures. snow. and stumps. if you have ever read my blog, you know winter is one of my favorite things in life. thank the lord my babies were born in december. sure makes it easy for me to decorate their party. especially after having my wedding in january. basically, everything was borrowed from my wedding or my mom's, sister's or my christmas stuff. except the cupcakes. those were fresh. i love FREE stuff.

a bloomers wreath!
 lincoln's one-year banner. i love this idea. each baby had a banner on both sides of the fireplace. thank goodness there's two!
 a wintery table full of tasty treats...
and lots of critters!
 cream cheese, peppermint & buttercream frosting. don't think it gets much better.
 first birthday cakes with mini-buntings. my favorite thing.
seriously... snow man milks? thank you pinterest for that.
little buntings all over the house. in all, i think i made 8 banners for this party. that's a lot of paper.
i used a screen from our old house, backed with chicken wire to display photos of the babies throughout the year. a lot of photos were involved with this party.
who doesn't love hot cocoa bars?
  i'm so glad i hung the high-chair buntings straight. honestly.
he really loved his cake this much.... he really enjoyed ripping the bunting off his tray. and i let him. after all, it was HIS party. not mine. (i think.)
she could have cared less. clearly, does NOT take after her mom.
and the only picture of the two of them, sans high chairs. how lovely. 
wren wasn't appreciating picture time with the cousins...
i can't believe i have 1 year olds. wow.

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