Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It has been one year since our wedding so we have been reminiscing a lot about it. I thought I would share some pictures with you so you could reminisce along with us :-) It definitely went down as one of the best days of our lives...full of lots of love, laughter, tears, make-up, family, friends, *freezing* weather, snow, great food, good dancing, yummy cake, hot cocoa, and great memories...it was the beginning of forever really and we don't think it could have started any better. Thanks to all our great friends and family who made it possible and so perfect. You rock like stars. Huge thanks to studio 317 for the brilliant photos. I love getting lost in them.

So I guess you could say this was the first actual wedding that I designed...take a look... Amazing! The water was frozen coming out of the fountain. It was a high of 23 degrees that day...just what we hoped for!

Ok, I just have to take one second to boast about these lovely girls right here. I looked at this picture the other night and said to James, "We seriously had the most beautiful bridal party ever, would you just look at these girls?!" These here, are some of the most amazing women I know. I was honored to have you a part of our wedding day and I am so very thankful to have you as my dear friends. Thanks for all you did; the long nights of crafting branches, invitations, table numbers, programs, snowing trees, etc...Thanks for helping make my dream come true even when you thought I was crazy. You are my heroes.

PS. Bet you can't spot my momma! She fits right in there with all these girls :-) Thanks for letting me have my dream and for bringing it to life. You are the best mom.

Wintery bouquets

Detailing on the candlelighter dressesBeautiful custom made dresses
My snow girls :-)
All the beautiful ladies. It was freeeezing out there.
Alissa...one of the snow girls who refused to take any bridal party pictures came back for some solo shots with me. :-) Kids, they do the darnedest things!Handsome groom
Ethan...our precious nephew carried our rings to us when we exchanged our vows
James & Ethan break-dancing before the wedding (one of my favorites)
Love the brown-striped tuxes
Lookin good there boys
Detailing on the bridesmaid dressesBeautiful sister and Ethan walking down the aisle
The smallest of the snow girls: Grace, our 3 month old niece riding down in her sleigh (PS. Look at her fluffy white boots. Amazing)The snow girls!!!!
*Snow* Princess aka Junior bridesmaid :-)Sweet dad and I...I think he was a little nervous :-)
View from the balcony
Dad marrying us...he did so good
The unity candle...or candles :-)
Yay! We are married! (We were pretty happy here)
People even threw snow in our mouths!

Our little kiddos. The apple-of-our-eye
Love this shot of the church. It's a winter wonderland indoors
Entrance tree to the reception!!!
Photo guest book with all our snowy engagement pictures
Woo! Time to party!
This my friends, is our beautiful cake created by Linette Davis. She is my number one recommendation for those who live in the valley and do not want fondant. Her cakes are marvelous and affordable. My dear uncle cut the perfect little tree stump for our cake to be displayed on.
Similar to Wendy Kromer's, these sweet little birds were individually hand crafted with much tender-love-and-care out of gum paste by my sweet mom :-)
Aren't they precious?
I was really nervous about this part...more nervous than the wedding.
I guess you could say we really liked our wedding cake...it was our favorite: funfetti.
My beautiful 3-strand pearl, snowflake brooch bracelet. Custom designed & made by the amazingly talented Christa Baker (starliftrc141@aol.com)
Our favors (and no, not the rings)
Seating arrangements
1 of the 3 centerpieces
Faux snow under the vases. That stuff is so cool!
"The dance"
Sneaky bridal party...
I was thinking: How the HECK is there snow all over our car?!
Answer: Amazing bridesmaids
Bye-bye...off to Jamaica!


Eric and Lori Riley said...

I can't believe it has been a year already. I am really glad none of those photos have me laying on the stage steps :) Your cake is still my all time favorite. Love the photos!

rachel trigueiro said...

You are cracking me up about the stage steps :) And I definitely have you to thank for talking me into that amazing cake. I was nervous at first :-)I'm real glad I listened to you though :-)

Zann Starbuck said...

If only I had known you before I got married. You would have done my wedding. I barely knew you when I helped that night but goodness, I was blown away - the decorations, the cake, the snow...heck, the cocoa bar! AMAZING! I want to have a party just so you can plan it!

rachel trigueiro said...

i love you. you were my hero on my wedding~couldn't have done it without you. and yes, let's please throw a party. soooon. maybe a "happy scotty has a job" party? :-)

Zann Starbuck said...

I like the idea of "Happy Scotty has a job party" but I'd rather just go out to Tokyo Gardens for that. :) If I do end up carrying this baby - I want you to help me throw Jill a baby shower. How weird will that be? We'll have to, well, you'll have to, come up with something clever since I'm not as clever as you!

james said...

Best day of my life. Thanks to my beautiful bride and her amazing ideas!! Never ceases to amaze me. I love you!

rachel trigueiro said...

Ok. Tokyo Gardens it is, Cannot wait. And I would love to help throw a shower for Jill...I have to say it will probably be the most interesting shower I've ever thrown :-)

Elizabeth @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said...

congrats on having your wedding featured on style me pretty today!

tc-dj said...

Hi Rachel, i live back in the UK & have been looking for inspiration for my winter wedding due to take place in Snowy Austria next march for months....could you tell me a little more about the flowers you had & the bridesmaid dresse please....love the look.Stacey =)

rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

Stacey, how exciting you are having a winter wedding in Austria next March! I would love to give you details on our flowers and dresses and any other wintry idea! :) Please email me at racheltrigueiro@gmail.com so we can chat. Thanks for stopping by and I'm looking forward to talking with you!

Anonymous said...

Your wedding looked gorgeous! I am getting married January 10, 2009! What did you use around the trees in the sanctuary that looks like snow?