Tuesday, October 13, 2009

fall has arrived

and i could not be happier! i love this time of year, mainly because it means summer is OVER! i love the fall weather, the cool breezes, and the pretty trees - i also love bringing my jeans out of hibernation. one of the biggest reasons i love fall though, is because it means winter is right around the corner! uggs, scarves, hats... mmm, i can't wait! :)

this recent change in weather called for some fall decorating around our little farm house. i really like fall decorating because it's so simple. half of my decorations are just candles! doesn't it just seem so fun to put out lots of candles in the fall more than any other season? i'm not sure why that is... perhaps it's the sudden change in weather and the romantic colors of the trees and leaves, or maybe it's just the delicious maple/walnut/baking/brown-sugar/vanilla chai/candied pecan/sugar cookie scents that we so desire our homes to smell like in autumn...

another reason decorating for fall is so simple is because it's all around us! i love natural elements, so i try to incorporate that into my decorations and fall is a perfect time to do that... i use the same cotton and wheat every year from my father-in-laws fields and store it away in plastic bins. i also use corn and curly willow that i store year after year. it makes for festive and very cheap decorations - which is the most important part to me!

just because autumn conveys a woodsy and outdoorsy feel, does not mean you can't include some sparkles and glitter!


i'm not sure why but most of my fall decorations have been purchased on the clearance rack at target at the end of the season. take these pumpkins for example, i bought two boxes of them last year at the end of november for 1.50 each... regularly $7! shopping after the season can be the best way to build up your holiday collection.

what is your favorite thing about fall? happy autumn to each of you and thanks for stopping by!


kelly pensiero said...

i LOVE fall! most of all i love all the scents and the beginning of blankets while you sit on the couch and the mulled cider (swoon). but i have to admit...the reason i love fall most of all is because - gulp! - i can get away with listening to Christmas music! that's right, fall's arrival means Christmas is closer, and i can hardly contain my excitement.

love your house decor!

Dhara said...

You are very creative with your ideas... I religiously follow your blog!

Jamie said...

i never told you how much i love your fall decor! it's so pretty! love you!