Tuesday, October 06, 2009

for me?

yes, this time it was for me.

for all those faithful readers out there... you have listened to me moan, groan, and complain over the last couple years through my adventure with school. and i thank you. it was a long journey, yes, but one that has quickly (and thankfully) come to a close. on august 10th, i {virtually} attended my last day of school. on september 12th, i walked in the northern california commencement ceremony at the arco arena in sacramento.

(yes, i am a phoenix).

and on september 25th my husband (along with my sister, and the rest of my family), threw me a beautiful graduation party.

i decided that night that i was in the wrong profession. my husband and sister are the ones who belong in the party planning world. just look.

they didn't miss a single detail. the candles,

the lights,

the music, (oh the music! including special selections from the twilight soundtrack! :),

the food
, (have i told you about my obsession with appetizers? well, the party was full of the very best ones. bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, artichoke dip, brie, chicken skewers, spinach & feta in phyllo dough. oh the food!),

the drinks (a special cocktail for the evening - lemon drops - my favorite!),

and the desserts (chocolate covered strawberries, creme puffs, and the most beautiful - and delicious - cake with triple berry buttercream filling!)

it was the perfect evening and way to celebrate the ending of a big chapter in both our lives (my husband was just as thankful for me to be done as i was.)

i was so blessed and honored to be a part of such a beautiful night. here are some more fun pics from the evening.

i love this picture of my niece and nephew helping my sister light all the candles for the spa

my sis :)

sweet friends :)

can you see my niece (on the right) in her party dress? she was so excited about it and no doubt, so cute in it.

the party girls :) my mom & sister

fun cocktail tables and graduation paraphernalia

my sweet, sweet husband and i after a wonderful evening


Cheyene said...

Rach, darling, I'm so fantastically happy for you! Spread your wings!

Crystal Sauceda-Dodson said...

Congratulations Rach! So proud of you! Wish we could have celebrated with you but I am rejoicing with you from here! Love you heaps!

Luke said...

Best mascot ever!

Oh, and congrats!