Friday, October 23, 2009


i was so lucky to be a part of such a fun wedding last weekend.

the wedding & reception were at country M ranch, in between visalia & tulare. it was a cool venue - one i had never seen before. there was a big barn with beautiful -huge - red doors in front. i can't wait to see the pictures of the bridal party standing in front of them.

the bride & groom sat at a round table with their 5 bridal party guests. their little two-tiered wedding cake was the centerpiece with the bride & bridesmaids' bouquets (this pic was pre-reception).

the gorgeous flowers and manzanita trees (& hanging initials!) were done by tulip. that girl rocks!

i mean, who doesn't love a candy bar? i think people that don't even like candy, like candy bars at weddings cause they are just so cool.

the bride and sister-in-law to the bride (who planned & designed much of the wedding), made these fabulous cupcake stands with 2 round cardboard cutouts, a martini glass turned upside down, bronze spray paint and some funky gold ric-rac! i think they turned out so awesome!

three different styles of cupcakes, one with a fresh mum on the top! cupcakes & cake made by shelly wade.

the bride said she didn't want a typical wedding feel at the reception, yet still wanted it to be beautiful of course. we had a lot of fun putting it all together that day... it's so great seeing everyone's hard work come together. my favorite part of the day? probably the sublime and 311 tracks that were played while guests were seated. seriously, awesome.

flowers - tulip design studio
photography - tiffany aicklen (not the above photos, thanks iphone).
cupcakes/cake - shelly wade
venue - country m ranch
day-of-setup - rae events


kimricosays said...

awesome event!

rachel smith told me you and your husband are going to ywam! thats amazing,and even more amazing your doing it with your husband, praying that everything goes smoothly during this preparation time.

will miss your event posts!

kelly p. said...

ok this comment has NOTHING to do with the wedding from this post (although it looks GORGEOUS), but rather with me seeing your name on a sub sign-in list at a school I was at recently!! I squealed and told the school receptionist "I know her!" and she looked at me suspiciously and then took the list away.

This is my fourth year subbing and I still don't know very many other subs - certainly none with as great a signature as you. Obviously. :) Anyway, I had a good laugh and enjoyed thinking I might see you around sometime!

rachel said...

@kimricosays... yes, rachel is right! we are leaving for ywam in january and are so excited! god is doing some really good things in us and we are so thrilled to step out of our comfort zones!! :) thanks for the sweet words!

rachel said...

@kelly p... you are ADORABLE! i was thinking about you the other day and wondering if you are still substitute teaching! i guess you answered my question! :) i really do help that i get to see you one of these days! i am really enjoying subbing... do you sub all grades or just elementary? i have not broken into the jr high/high school thing yet... just feels a little close to home if you know what i mean. :)

Jamie said...

everything you do is beautiful and creative! i have a party question for you my adorable friend. i am doing the decorating for my friends bridal shower this sunday and i want to have a candy bar. i want to have cute labels for them like yours. how do i do that? i have tried to figure it out but i can't. i heart you!!

rachel said...

@jamie... you are so cute!! i actually didn't make the labels, but i can try and help you :) if you don't have a photoshop program, you can do it in a word document. type the label and then click to "insert shape" find an oval, and place it around your text. print off the ovals and cut them out! let me know if you want more help than that... you can always email me and we can try to figure it out! :)