Monday, February 02, 2009


3 days left of the giveaway! don't forget to join the fun :) but first, click here and here for the rules. i am amazed at the sites you sweet bloggers have left me. TALK ABOUT PARTY RESOURCES! i can only hope that there are more of you out there just waiting to tell me about some of your great-deal-mind-blowing-awesome-amazing-sites. :)

happy posting and of course, happy monday! ... i almost forgot, happy february AND happy groundhog day! (wow...there is a lot going on today.)

...i wonder if he will see his shadow this year? (not that i even remember what it means if he does...)

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SportsFan's Daughter said...

Hey Lady! What a fun lil blog you've here... and it's oh-so-easy on the eyes! Fun to see your face out here in interweb land :-)
-Anna Q