Thursday, January 29, 2009

a couple things

one of my favorite readers asked an excellent question regarding the contest. the question was:

do you want invitation sites also or no?

DEFINITELY! that is actually one thing i am really hoping for out of this. i had several AWESOME invitation sites saved and if you remember, i lost them all.

since we are on the topic of clearing things up, there are a couple other things i would like to address:

- remember, if you want to be entered into the contest multiple times, you MUST enter each site that you are suggesting on a different comment.

- i should have stated that i am also looking for sites that YOU love for decorating. because let's be honest, events, weddings, and tabletops are made up of different types of decor. so if you have a favorite site for reasonable vases, random pieces, chandeliers, or anything funky, please post it!

- while i appreciate you posting your "favorite" sites, i am really looking for sites that i do not have already so i am able to add new ones to my collection. please check out my current list of sites (down the entire left column of the blog) before you comment. thanks!

i am loving all the suggestions so far. keep 'em coming! you guys ROCK!

1 comment:

aron said...

ok i have lots of invitation links! i will get them together and do lots of comments! i want a GC!!!

loving the new look by the way :)