Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i need your help


several months ago we had problems with our laptop so we sent it to the computer doctor. luckily, the computer was fixed and we haven’t had any more issues. the bad news is that in order to fix it they had to delete the entire hard drive. because of that, i lost all of my saved bookmarks, probably over 200 of them. in those bookmarks were all of my favorite stores and event/party resource sites. i had been saving those sites for years and have no way of getting them all back (unless i take years doing it, which i would rather not). i would like to fill up my “party resources” link list on the blog (left hand side) with the very best party and event sites.

here is where you come in.

I would like to know what your favorite party/crafty/wedding/event sites are and why.

what sites did you use for your wedding?
what sites would you recommend to a friend?
what sites can you just not get enough of?
what sites have the best deals?
what site are you secretly not telling anyone about because it’s your ‘little secret’?

i am looking for sites with anything crafty or event related…paper, d├ęcor, candles, ribbon, fabric, containers, florals, linens, favors, etc… i want it all!

let me be clear. i am not looking for “inspirational” sites. although those are very good, i am looking for actual stores and vendors where one can purchase items for an event. (you can find an example of what i am looking for under the "party resources" section of my blog.)

because I am so very, very thankful that you are going to help me, i am going to do a random give away. yes, you heard me, there is a prize involved! every person that leaves a comment with a suggested (& legitimate) site will be entered into the giveaway. the random winner will choose a $30 gift card to either pottery barn or crate & barrel.

here are some details:

• if you want to participate in the giveaway, please do not post your comments here. the contest will begin tomorrow in the post titled “give away.” any comments left in this post will not count towards the giveaway.

• feel free to post as many comments as you would like. for every comment you leave, your name will be entered into the giveaway. however, if you choose to leave one comment with multiple sites (which is fine), your name will only be entered ONE time.

• comments unrelated to the post will not be entered into the drawing

• the giveaway will tentatively end wednesday, february 4th. however, I reserve the right to change the ending date. i am looking for as many suggestions as possible. if more time equals more suggestions, i will extend the giveaway.

• once the winner has been chosen (and named on the blog), it will be up to them to email me and claim their prize. (racheltrigueiro@gmail.com)

that’s all for now. now go, go, go and gather up all your favorite places!

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