Monday, January 26, 2009


who doesn't love making a little progress on the to-do list? the hubs and i were pretty productive this weekend and i love weekends like that. (almost as much as i love writing the actual list and crossing things off of it. which reminds me, i still haven't read my january issue of real simple: feel calmer now: 20 essential lists to organize your life. sounds like a good read.)

back to the point, my parents came over on saturday for dinner, which was so nice. feels like forever since we have seen them. we headed to lowes where my mom helped me pick out some curtain rods and my dad found some blinds for our bedroom. james got home from the academy and we made some home-made chinese chicken chow-mein and got some things done around the house. it was great. thanks mom & dad!

yesterday hubs and i continued on with the "getting things done." he really got so much done i couldn't believe it. he hung all my pictures and more importantly hung our dining room light fixture. yippee! we have been waiting to see what it would look like in our kitchen and we love it! i stood in the dining room for at least 10 minutes just staring at it. it's very fun. :) i'll post pictures of it once the house is ready...then it will be the before and after post of the entire house. (can't wait for that!) it was a productive day doing school work, laundry, paying bills (yuck), working on the house to-do list, and spending time together on james' 1 day off. we even had time to sneak in another walk to see the lambs (and get locked out of our house. don't worry, we found a way to get back in). it was a good, productive weekend. so many more things on the to-do list but at least some are crossed off. :) for now, i must write a paper, do more laundry and then i am off to play with flowers at my floral design class. happy monday!

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Jessica said...

I just did this last weekend.

You seem to get more crossed off now that it's written down!

And the Real Simple January is a good one. Enjoy.