Thursday, November 06, 2008


I can see it has been almost a month since my last post--WOW, where does all the time go? Well, let's see... since mid-October we have been a little busy. We celebrated my nieces 2nd birthday, celebrated my much anticipated "magical" birthday several times, :) got to see penguins for the first time in my life (for those of you who don't know, I have been obsessed with penguins since I was about 13 or so...waaaay before the penguin fad started ie. Madagascar, March of the Penguins, Surfs up, etc... sorry kids, I was loving them long before your time), had an amazing weekend away with my husband, visited the Carmel mission, bought Pomegranate wine and Cinderella pumpkins at Casa de Fruta, had sushi a couple times, finished one class and started another, said good-bye to dear friends who moved to the Aloha state, got sick (then got better), husband got sick (still working on getting better), made the decision to move, halloween with our favorite kids, had a work/cleaning-day at our new (yet very old) home, voted, had game night with an amazing new board game (thanks sister), bought lots of bins (good for storing, organizing, and packing), started packing (which really means started sifting through stuff and making 'yard sale' piles. still nothing packed but it's a step), and last night we learned that a mouse found a cozy home in many of our boxes in the garage and made nice comfy nests for himself out of large nibbles from my precious keepsakes-he even ate through one of my daily planners, ugh! Reminder: buy MORE plastic bins. :)

Well, as you already read, we are moving about 45 minutes away. SO, these next couple weeks are busy with packing, cleaning our house, and getting the other house ready. Unfortunately, you probably won't see me here for a while-the hiatus continues because I have lots to do in both houses. But, for now, here are some highlights from the last month! Enjoy :)

Gracie's "My Little Pony" party. Had to be lots of pink for this little girl. :)

She loves her new motorized car/quad/whatever it is

Our trip to Monterey...

I was pushing little kids out of the way, in order to get as close to the penguins as possible. Don't mess with me. :)

Seriously, how cute is this picture? They are all lined up waiting for dinner. I cannot even handle how cute they are. If I coulda broken that glass and stolen myself a 7lb. South American penguin, you better believe I woulda done it.

Besides my little penguin friends, the jellies were some of my favorites...

The Carmel mission was beautiful and the church service was awesome.


gene said...

oh man! where are you moving to?

*aron* said...

i LOVE penguins too... next time you come to the city they have them at the new academy of arts building... OHHH and at the zoo! they are soooo cute :)