Friday, October 17, 2008


A couple weeks ago I did flowers for a baptism reception (actually, it was for James' cousin's son's baptism--did you get all that?) It was a lot of fun. I really like playing with fresh flowers and getting more experience with them. I took a floral class a loooooooooong time ago so I don't really have anymore knowledge from that. I think most of what I know comes from watching my mom. She has done flowers for people (and me) as a hobby for years. I want to get better at my floral design though and hope to take another floral design course in the next couple years. Although I am quite ready to be DONE with school, a floral design class seems like a lot of fun!

I am so happy it's Friday. It has been a good week around our house. After writing 60-some pages last week for school, my colleagues and I decided it was time to take a break. So take-a-break we did! I have been off the entire week and start back on Tuesday morning. Jamesy and I have been trying to celebrate all week by hanging out as much as possible (instead of being on this dreaded computer). Tonight we are having our nephew spend the night for the first time and we are real excited about that. The rest of the weekend will be fun time spent together doing silly, little things. I like no school...a lot. :)

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Jamie said...

Love the flower arrangements. My mom and I were just talking about your Mom and Dad and the time when my parents saw them at the Pismo outlets. She said they all were talking about food and how much they love to eat it and eat out at good restaurants. My mom said it was so fun to talk with them about their/her love for food!

My Mom is so good at flower arrangements too, that must be why are mom's get along so good.