Friday, November 07, 2008

The move

I got several emails and text messages yesterday asking where we are moving since I failed to mention it in the post... sorry about that. Well, in the next two weeks we are moving to Lemoore! And this will be our view next Spring. Well, not exactly, but something similar to this. :) Beautiful!!! I will definitely post some pics of our home once we are all moved in. Maybe even some before and after pics. Those are always fun! And come to think of it, I am 2 posts away from 1oo posts on my blog and 6 days away from 1 year of having the blog! This calls for a celebration. Ok, not really. But perhaps in honor of those 2 milestones I will post fun pictures of our new home and all that has been done to it. It has been a fun process to watch. Ok... Bye for now. :)

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WhitsellFamily4 said...

Hey Ocho bug... Where are you moving? Did you sister move back to the valley? You are so tallented! You are so different from me... I have no decorating sense...