Monday, April 14, 2008

Lost & Found

I was really excited to come across these baby shower pictures this weekend because I didn't really know if they even existed. I had just been saying last week that I was sad I didn't have any pictures from this shower. Well I am sad no more, because now I have some! (They are not the best, but at least they can remind me of what I did, right?) This was a baby shower a friend and I threw 3 years ago for our friend Erin. Pink, green, and chocolate brown seem to be consistently popular for baby showers (and wedding showers), so I thought I would share these with you all. Hope you enjoy! :)

A memory board to hold cards of 'blessings' for baby to come and also some cute pics of mom as a baby :)

Mom-to-be opening presents :)

My dear, dear friend made these delicious Martha Stewart fresh fruit layer cakes for the shower. (The recipe was similar to this only it wasn't lemon.)

Ok, this is probably the best baby shower game on the planet. The girls laughed SO hard during this game. Here's how it works: Two people hold a faux clothesline while each girl takes a turn acting as "mom." This means "mom" has to hang baby clothes on the clothesline with clothespins, while holding a real baby, and holding a phone up to the ear. Each person is given a minute and whoever hangs the most baby outfits wins! (If an outfit is hung without a clothespin, it doesn't count). It is so easy; all you need is: 1 clothesline (rope or twine), a bucket of clothespins, 1 laundry basket of baby clothes, 1 phone, and 1 baby (if a real baby isn't possible, use a doll :)


*aron* said...

yayyy for the pics :) so cute!

erin said...

Rach... this was such a fun shower! I was so blessed, surrounded by the closest girlfriends! Thank you! can you believe that little JoJo is already two! man time flies... I bet I'd be REAL good at that clothes-line game now :)

Breanne Schaap said...

so sweet! I just love babies.