Thursday, April 03, 2008

Custom Invitations

I am a firm believer that personal invitations set the tone to an event in an amazingly unique way. (I am not saying that personal invitations never go WRONG, because oh, they do). But so often, people are amazed and overwhelmed by the personal touch it brings when pictures and unique touches are included. That brings me to this post.

A friend (and reader of the blaaahg) asked if I would do a post with pictures of our wedding invitations. She said and I quote, "Because I seriously think they were the most amazing ones [invitations] I have ever seen!" I thought, "Well that's nice and that would be fun!"

So, it comes with good timing after showcasing my business cards, because here is another magnificent project designed by photographer & designer, Erin at Studio 317. Let me be honest, these pictures do our invitations no justice. They were scrumptious; printed on a heavy linen paper. Oh, I love texture :) A snow-covered tree that sprawled across the invitation set the perfect tone for our winter wonderland wedding. All photos used on our stationary were from our super fun engagement session up in the beautiful Redwood's with Erin.

There were 4 separate pieces to our invitations:
#1 - The invitation itself
#2 - The RSVP postcard (I loved making the RSVP card personal. I am tired of the boring "Ms. Barry Will or Will Not Attend" SPICE IT UP! Make the statements reflect your wedding! Get creative!)
#3 - Our story card: 'How two lives become one' (This card was a fun way of telling our guests all about our story; from how met, to dating, the proposal, and our hopes for the wedding. Guests seemed to love it. In fact, many told us about tears shed while reading it.)
#4 - Directions & Accommodations

#1 - Front

#1 - Inside

#1 - Back

#2 - Front

#2 - Back

#3 - Front

#3 - Back

#4 - Front

#4 - Back


*aron* said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am just so in love with these wedding invitations - love love love them! and you are right, these pics do them NO justice (even though they still look amazing on here) - the colors and the paper were just incredible... i love the way you guys personlized them and put your story in there too... you are the best!!

Deene Souza said...

I would so be shopping for the perfect dress to wear to an event with the perfect invitation. These are absolutely amazing. Just in awe.

Zann Starbuck said...

Rachel, I never saw those. Those are beautiful. I wish I could get married again and I'd have you plan the whole thing!!!

erin said...

I think I need to put you on my payroll! :)
Thanks so much (again!) for the credit, but... YOU did so much of this design (and you know it!!) I merely had the program to lay them out! They were beautiful though weren't they!?

Breanne Schaap said...

I love the new logo you got going on your blog, nice! Also, the invitations are so beautiful, very elegant. Your gorgeous!
Love, Breanne Schaap

Kat said...

I laughed when I read your blog, because I found your invitaion in a box of stuff when I was moving... and I sat in my floor re-reading the whole thing, remembering the wedding and how amazing it was. The invitaions are beautiful. And the wedding was one of the best!

rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

Thanks guys :) You're all so sweet. I love your comments :) Yay!

Traci Farias, photographer said...

Wow these are awesome invitations! Man makes me want to have a party so I can do invitations...well so you guys can do the invitations :) Beautiful work and photography!