Wednesday, February 06, 2008

"Something" items: Aron

Yay! Aron was the first to email her "something" items per my request! Thank you thank you! Aron and her husband were married in beautiful Tahoe, June of 2005. We are delighted to share with you her "something" items from that special day. As is the case with some brides, Aron had a few items that crossed-over into multiple categories so that makes it even more fun for us!

Something new: One of Aron's favorite "new" items was her wedding dress. (Isn't this most girls favorite new item? I hope so!)

Something blue: Her garter and her grandmother's blue hankie

Something old: Her grandmother's blue hankie

Something borrowed: Her grandmother's blue hankie

Something new: Her shoes! (of course. How did I forget to put my shoes?!) Ok, now this fascinated me! Aron said she heard about this tradition of having your bridesmaids sign the bottom of your shoes and whoever's name wears off first is the next to be engaged (don't forget, bouquet is next to be married). She said it was fun and she still has the shoes with partial signatures. I LOVE this tradition!! I wish I would have known about this one...I would have definitely participated. Has anyone else ever heard of this wonderful long-lost tradition?

Something borrowed: The necklace she wore was given to her grandmother, who then gave it to her mother. Her grandmother didn't realize Aron had it on until her dad pointed it out to her at the reception and it brought tears to her eyes. (See, this is why we love this tradition).

Something new: Aron's last but definitely not least favorite "new" item was her wedding band. Her engagement ring came with a plain band but as the wedding drew nearer she really wanted a diamond band to go with her engagement ring. Her husband surprised her with it a couple weeks before the wedding. (He was so excited he just could not hide it :-)


Erin Davis said...

so fun! I love to hear different "something" items... and I LOVE the shoe tradition, thats one I've just recently seen and would have definitely participated in had I known! btw, I'm rounding up my "somethings" !! :)

rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

Good girl :-) I am excited to see them!!!

Deene Souza said...

That is SSSOOOO cool! I love the idea of writing on the bottom of shoes!!!!!!!