Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Something" items: Sara

Sweet Sara from the SF bay area sent me an email stating that she personally did not take part in the "something" items for her own wedding, but she wanted to offer a simple suggestion for brides-to-be; one I ashamedly never thought of.

Sara saw a wedding program featured in a magazine that listed the “something” items on the program! How great is that?! Guests are invited to share in the traditions and heirlooms from your family that are special and unique to you! Just think about all the time it takes to pull together those special items and now they will finally be noticed... (and, without you ever having to expose half your leg all because of that small, lacy, blue garter.)


Aron said...

I love that idea!! That is a great spot to note anything special to bring people's attention to it. How fun. Personally I would rather read fun stuff like that anyways - I love the personal parts of the programs the best.

Breanne Schaap said...
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Breanne Schaap said...

Dear Rachel,
I just stumbled upon your blog, I am also from the Central Valley Area, a new photographer actually and you are perfect for me to reccomend to my brides! I love your modern, young, style. Let me know if you have any business cards or a website. I am excited about this new connection and I hope to hear from you!
-Breanne Schaap

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i just found your blog via the handcrafted wedding. your wedding was so beautiful and you did an amazing job throwing in DIY touches everywhere!

and i love the idea of letting people in to your little "something" secret.