Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"Something" items

Do brides still fancy the “something old, something new” tradition, or is it a thing of the past?

Carrying on the “something” tradition is not only fun, it is an opportunity for brides to show a unique and creative side to their personality in a subtle way. The wonderful thing about living in today’s culture is that the rules of yesterday no longer apply so brides are free to express themselves how they wish. Some brides delight in the idea of wearing a family heirloom passed down from their mother or grandmother, while other brides prefer putting their own twist on things. Instead of wearing an old heirloom one might wear a signature perfume, favorite lipstick, or piece of jewelry from their fiancé while they were dating.

While I love the diversity and uniqueness it brings, I have only one problem with this tradition. How often do you know a bride’s “something” items unless you are in her wedding? Rarely. I find this disappointing as “something” items are typically well thought-out, unique, and special to the bride. So, let’s take a moment right now to share our “something” items for the world to see. And for all you ladies who have had no reason to think of their “something” items, now is a great time to start! Send me an email with your "something" items list ~ what it was or what you want it to be. (Email addy is to the right)

I will start us off...

Something old: After the ceremony I wore my late grandmother's fur. (And thank goodness since it was freezing that night.)

I also incorporated one of her crystal bracelets into my bouquet.

Something new:
Many items could fill this category so again I picked two. First item is my dress. Brand spankin new, not borrowed. :-)

One of my favorite "new" items were the two sets of earrings I wore on our wedding day. The dangly's I purchased myself after searching long and hard for the biggest most perfect earrings. :-) The second pair is the diamond studs above the dangly's; the gift I received from my husband just hours before walking down the aisle. (See first picture)

Something borrowed:
My girlfriends petticoat, not super sentimental but great on the wallet :-)

Something blue:
Again, two items. My tossing garter was blue along with my favorite topaz/diamond ring also from my sweet grandmother.


Crystal Sauceda-Dodson said...

Rachel you really make me smile. I love your LOVE for life! You are gorgeous and even more so on your wedding day!

Deene Souza said...

YOU are absolutely gorgeous! And your "something items" are really heartfelt! I love them. You can tell you put a lot of thought into those items. That is why you are an event designer. I think you ofund your calling!

rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

Thank you Deene for your kind words :) It is exciting to feel like you have found your "spot" or "calling" ya know? Just as it looks like you have! :)

themom said...

Wow, that birthday party looked amazing! Will you plan MY birthday party??? I would melt if a friend ever did that for me. It was beautiful and sounded yummy...er...and I know at least the cupcakes were, I tasted one!

themom said...

I went all out when it came to the "Something Old, something new, something borrowed something blue..." I wore my mom's wedding dress on my special day, and back then it was 30 years old....now it's 60 years old! It still is as beautiful as it was the day she wore it and when I wore it. I used to play in it when I was a little girl (I always dreamed of my wedding, and I think I had it totally planned by the time I was 15!) So, it was natural for me to wear her gown, since I had fantasized about my day wearing it around the house and playing, "Here comes the Bride..." My veil was new, and of course the shoes, because I have always had an insatiable obsession with shoes! And....my beautiful ring that the love of my life (and still is after 30 years) lovingly chose just for me! The blue was my garter and my daddy's eyes. My borrowed was my mom's strand of pearls. I felt beautiful that day, but nothing compares to the day your own daughter gets married and you get to see beauty personified in a whole new way. Beauty holds a whole new meaning through a mother's eyes!

rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

Mom, you had the best "something" items ever. I especially love the idea of using your dad's eyes as your something blue. I think I will have to make a new post about your something items!