Tuesday, November 10, 2009

REAL WEDDING: jeff & giorgiana III

i love this pier. and i love this picture. i would so blow this up and frame it in my house if it was from my wedding. it is sooo cool.

details of the brides bouquet...

because the bride's wedding dress was custom made, i was able to get a piece of fabric from her actual wedding dress to wrap around the bouquet. we finished it off with a brown satin ribbon and a chartreuse brooch.

here you can see the bride's bouquet was made up of spider mums, button mums, bear grass, and large white roses to mimic the roses on her and the bridesmaid's dresses.

this really has absolutely nothing to do with the details of the flowers, but i loved this picture! to me, it totally looks like it's out of a magazine or something. so vogue. one more post to come with some of the details from the reception! stay tuned....

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