Monday, November 09, 2009

REAL WEDDING: jeff & giorgiana II

i started posting about this wedding last week and have a few more posts to share. i love these two pictures of the bride and groom. such sweet moments.

check out the fog over these mountains? talk about a beautiful backdrop!

we made a "memory" bouquet in honor of the grooms late mother...

the bouquet was placed in a vase at the front of the ceremony and the bride and groom took a moment during the ceremony to honor his mom by placing it on the seat where she would have been sitting.

i could not help but post this little sequence. i have not seen doves at a wedding since i was a little girl... it seems like no one does it anymore! but i kind of like this old tradition making it's way back.

the wedding & reception were at the pine's resort & ducey's lodge on bass lake; the beautiful photography was done by dani mac photography; and the wedding was coordinated by brooke dyar (reached at this meant we were only doing the flowers for this wedding and it was a nice little change! never before have i shown up a couple hours before the wedding and left before it started! :)

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Brook said...

This is Brook Dyar the coordinater of Jeff and Giorgiana's wedding. I just wanted to make a minor correction. I can be reached at

It is, was and always will be a pleasure working with rae events! I look forward to hearing from many of you! :)

Brook Dyar
Flutterby Planning