Tuesday, May 19, 2009

little luncheon

i had the honor of hosting a luncheon this past weekend with some of my best friends for some of the amazing women in our lives. it was fun. simple. beautiful. and special. really special. here are the invitations...

i loved these cute little lables from michael's

front and back of the invitation

who would have thought a 100+ degree day would be making an appearance in may? it doesn't matter how long i've lived here, i never get used to it.

the hot weather called for lots of iced tea.

thank goodness for shade and breezes...

cost of the invites? free, already had the paper
cost of the decorations? free, i cut them from my yard (except the cute daisies my sister bought me)
cost of the food? a few bucks...we all pitched in.

i am all about cheap and easy these days...and working together with friends not only helps the pocketbook, it really is more fun. the more parties i throw, the more i realize it really is about the company. and not just the company you invite, but the people you throw the party with. it's fun to do things with friends... i'd kind of like to do it more often. and i think i just will. :)


aron said...

love it :)

where did you get the white laterns from? i need to find some, i know i have seen them many places but can never remember.

Katee Grace said...

I totally agree Rae! Girl you guys eally pulled it off for this one! love all your lovely accents! Those lanterns and where you chose your setting is just perfect!!!
Dinners created this way are so heart warming... every time we do them and experience!!!