Friday, May 22, 2009

i <3 memorial weekend

for as long as i can remember, it has been tradition for my family to head to the coast on memorial weekend with my grandparents. over the years the numbers have grown, from 6 people in the family, to 7, then 8, to now, a grand total of 11 people. we have almost doubled in size! it is crazy and wonderful... and usually very loud.

i love all holiday's and any excuse to celebrate life, but memorial is definitely one of my favorites because i know i'm headed to the beach! ...and i know i will get some much needed extended quality time with these favorite little ones...

ethan michael - 6 years

grace kathleen - 2.5 years

lana kate - 11 months

i hope you have some fun plans this memorial weekend, even if it is just relaxing around the house and doing yard work... enjoy the small things! see you next week! xoxo


Jamie said...

That sounds so fun rach- time with your family vacationing at the beach!! Remember that summer I got to vacation for a night with all of you and your grandparents too! We wnet to pismo and ate by the pier, I remember and took pics.

ok Lana is adorable, she looks like a condie to me!

KATEE said...

Celebrating Life--- YES! :)
Hope your family has a very special holiday!! :)