Wednesday, April 08, 2009

spring break

although i don't get a spring break (don't feel bad for me, i'll finish one week sooner than all the rest of you punks! oh, wait, my program goes through the summer too. well, sucks for me.) anyway, although i personally don't get a spring break from school, i love spring break this year. i love it with my whole heart. why, you ask? because i get to have dinner and cook with my husband 8 nights in a row!! that means we get to hang out before the sun goes down!! that my friends is glorious in the fire-academy world.

today we decided to go on a little run together. because of spring break, we are both missing our weekly work outs which is NOT other words, it's now on US to get a work out or not. ugh. i hate when it's up to me. so, we decided to take a jaunt around the ranch. jamesy ran a little faster than me (okay, a lot faster), while i hung back, took my time, enjoyed my music (thank you sister for being the best dj ever), while enjoying the scenery.

at one point, i looked ahead and james wasn't in front of me anymore. i looked all around and saw his little body directly across the field from me. geez, he had already gone up, over, and back down the field...he's a fast little critter. i wasn't pressured at all, just enjoyed the beautiful day out there...i soon finished the 'gone-up' part, and was now working on the "over" part and couldn't even see james at all anymore. i was running directly next to a wheat field when i looked down and saw all these tiny little daisies! yes, you might say they are weeds, but i say they are lovely. i paused the run for a quick second to grab as many of these daisies as i could. i continued running with iPod in one hand (wish i owned a shoulder strap), and daisies in the other. quite a while later, james came running back towards me to get a longer run in. i looked up and saw him dying laughing. dying laughing as he watched his wife run toward him with a bouquet full of "weeds." glad i can still amuse him after all these years. (ok, really just 7).

now that the pretty weeds are arranged on our dining room table, i get to go tackle the REAL weeds in the yard. not looking forward to it so much.... hmmm...

(mom, this double post is for you. i'm sure you are happy to see me back to the happy postings! well, i hope you are thinking about me at the beach. i will enjoy my daisies here in the valley while you enjoy the ocean. for some reason that just doesn't seem fair...)


aron said...

yayyy enjoy your spring break with james :) so happy you guys got out for a run together! so fun!!! love that you were picking flowers on it too, that is so you :)

themom said...

i love you picking the daisy weeds! too cute. God smiled when you did that. He said, "I'm so glad you saw those, Rach. I put them there just for you." He was excited when you found your surprise! I love you!

kirwin said...

You crack me up! You give true meaning to the saying, "Stop and smell the roses." (In your case, the daisies.)