Wednesday, April 08, 2009

cure for the bleh's

so i realize i haven't posted since my "bleh" day... it's not that i have been feeling that way for a week, it's just that i've just been busy, and quite honestly haven't felt like blogging. do you ever feel that way?

so, after a case of the bleh's, i went outside to pick myself some more flowers. for me, enjoying god's creation is definitely one way to get rid of those bleh's quickly. and we all know i love flowers. :) i have to say, i am real happy with this lilac tree. it is still blooming incredibly!!

(please don't look at the yucky door frame that is missing the molding. yuck, yuck, yuck.)

i love having fresh flowers next to my is so cheerful! (and smells good too!)

we have NO counter space in the bathroom. literally, the only counter space is ON the sink. lol but i still managed to get some fresh flowers in the there.


aron said...

sooo pretty :) i love those flowers! i need to get some in my house!

yay for funk moods gone!

Jamie said...

Ive had a strong case of the blah's lately too. The flowers are a fresh site to see!

themom said...

i like those white flowers, what are they? i have to say, i'm glad the blahs are gone from the blog. i checked everyday waiting for them to go you!