Saturday, April 18, 2009

are you ready?

and coming soon. tuesday's forecast, lemoore, ca: 100 degrees. need i remind you that it's april? i am not ready. my house is not ready. my husband is not ready. the real question begs, will we ever be ready for 100? lol. i can't even answer this.

our humble home has no ac and no fan in our bedroom (have i ever told you my husband and i are sleeping inferno's?). alls we've got is a swamp cooler that hasn't been used in months, which will most definitely reek of polliwogs. to do list?

-hose out the swamp cooler
-buy a fan for bedroom

so my question is, are you ready for 100?


Anonymous said...

Goodness, no. I am sooooo not ready for 100 degrees! My goodness, Visalia heat makes me want to move back to San Luis Obispo!
I hope you find a doozy of a fan! :)

Jamie said...

that sounds don't have an AC! I thought that was unheard of in the valley!

Jamie said...

i think you need to come see us at the coast

rae events said...

it's true jamie! not having an AC is unheard of around here...but that's a sweet little farm house for ya! :) i guess it didn't get this hot 100 years ago when these houses were built! lol visiting you, actually moving NEAR you is sounding REAL good right now! haha

aron said...

nooooo i am not ready :( it was 90+ here today and i am already sick of it. i think you and i need to move north to washington or something :)

kirwin said...

Granted, the bay area doesn't get as hot as the central valley, but we do get heat waves. DH and I lived without AC until 3 years ago..when DD was born. Here, I had this newborn who needed to be swaddled, and yet our house was freakin' HOT!! I was so scared of her over-heating and not being warm enough, at the same time. (Hormones will make you KA-razy!) Anyhow, DD was a nice excuse to get AC. ; )

rae events said...

@aron - i am in full agreement with you...let's move to the northwest!!!

@kirwin - hahaha!!! i had to laugh at the sadly honest remarks regarding a baby...thank you for your honesty and humor. i will keep it in mind. ;) lol