Tuesday, March 17, 2009

green treats

happy st. patrick's day to all you irish (& non irish) people out there. i have always loved st. patrick's day. for one reason specifically. from the time i can remember, my mom would take my sister and i to mc d's after school to get a shamrock shake. it is the best. the best.

her and i look forward to it every year. we usually have at least 2 or 3. well, what did mc donald's decide to do this year? not bring back the shamrock shake. what the heck is up with that? i don't understand why they would take something so minty and glorious and not so unhealthy away. i googled 'shamrock shake' and learned that my sister and i (and her poor kids who were SO looking forward to it) aren't the only ones annoyed about the whole thing.

enough of my venting.... my husband has to take dinner to the fire house tonight where he volunteers. so, in honor of st. patty's day i made a couple little treats for him to take to those hard working fire fighters. :)

some fudgy brownies with reese cups on top...all men love chocolate and peanut butter right?

i kind of happened upon these little cake cubes... i actually had some un-frosted chocolate cake left over from something else so i decided to cube it up and make some green frosting to make it festive. i think these men will be happy. :)

happy st. patrick's day! sorry if you are a fellow shamrock shake lover. i am getting ready to write a letter. i am not happy!


themom said...

boo to McDonald's! I just get sad when tradtitions are broken! And REALLY sad when my daughters are disappointed. REALLY REALLY sad when my grandchildren are disappointed! argh!

kelly said...

I also LOVE shamrock shakes and am furious about the whole thing. And as far as I can tell, they were a popular item, so why would they do away with it?? McDonald's must be really out of touch with their posh crowd. (us, of course!)

rae events said...

exactly kelly! in fact, the shakes were so popular that by st. patrick's day a lot of the mc donald's were sold out! i remember 2 years ago i had a hard time finding one in visalia because they had all sold out. ummm, get a clue mc donald's, selling out obviously means people like it. jerks.