Friday, February 13, 2009

use what your mother gave you

mother-nature that is.

although winter is my very favorite season, it doesn't lend itself to having many nature-friendly items to bring inside and spruce up the home. more specifically, you can't just go outside and pick pretty flowers. well, after cleaning my house the other day, i wanted to liven it up with something from the outside. i went out and was surprised to see these darling yellow flowers (from what i think is a weed) so i cut a couple. then i cut some leaves from a plant (that might be a weed too) because they were big and exotic looking and i love that. i just placed the leaves in votive holders and a vase and i think they look so fun. surprisingly these little beauties have lasted really well. i clipped them almost a week ago and they still look great.

the point is, even in the midst of winter, if you get creative you can still cheer up your home with natures best, even if it is just a weed. :)

does anyone know if this yellow flower is in fact a weed?

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