Friday, February 13, 2009

free treat!

oh how i wish i would have found this sooner!!! it might be too late for some, but for those of you who have procrastinated in making (or buying) your love-day cards for those sweet lovers (or kids, or parents, or friends) of yours, i have some good (actually, great) news. france, over at bananafish created the absolutely-most-adorable cards i've ever seen. and they are FREE. absolutely FREE!

the truth is, we all like free things, even if they are not really top-quality. but this my friends, is not the case. france designed the cutest designs ever for any recipient and really for any occasion. the thing i love the most about them (besides the owls, bird, & cupcake) is that you can use a lot of the designs on days OTHER than valentine's day. all you have to do is download the document, print 'em off, cut 'em out, and slap 'em on some card-stock. voila! you have a darling homemade card! (to all the guys out there...all 1 or 2 of you? your wifey's would love one of these. promise).

the only reason i am telling you about this is because there is just no way i could hoard these beauties all to myself. they are just too cute for one person to enjoy.

all i ask is that you don't make fun of me if you get one of these in the mail. cause i am really going to use them.

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