Friday, February 13, 2009

flowers 101

i have talked about it a couple times, but i am currently taking a floral design course. i have been designing flowers here-and-there for the last couple years with no professional training and i thought it would be really fun (and probably beneficial) :) for me to actually LEARN how to design flowers.

this week we used oasis for the first time and it was great. i've always loved oasis (even as a little kid i loved poking my fingers through it. ha!) the design was basic but enjoyable and beneficial nonetheless. unfortunately, we are unable to pick specific flowers (for obvious cost reasons) and so we are left to whatever the instructor finds cost-appropriate. with that being said, i was so happy this week to see the soft-pink tulips calling my name when i got there. :)

i made the 'lil bow when i got home cause i remembered i had darling xoxo ribbon from my mom ...which really beat the boring ribbon from the classroom. :) not too bad for the 2nd week of school i guess. oh, i can't wait for some big arrangements!

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