Friday, January 16, 2009

new look

well, the blog got a makeover and i am pretty happy about it. the layout is similar, just a bit more cleaned up. you will find all my favorite places down the left hand side column...please give them a visit. they so deserve it! i have been quite inspired these days. maybe it's from living in a house surrounded by nature? maybe because it's a new year? or perhaps it's because i am currently taking a class called innovation, design, & creativity. hmmm...that must be why. :)

i have been doing lots of reading for my class (trying to soak it ALL in). i am thinking about posting favorite quotes now and again that inspire the creativity and design within us. the more i read, the more i am here ya go.

It is often our expertise and experience – the things that we know to be right and that work – that prevent us from coming up with something truly new.


Jamie said...

I love your new blog layout. It's so nice to gain inspiration from your blog. I love it! Oh and I am going to do your tag on my blog (I liked that tag) the next time I post. BTW I love your cute/stylish yellow hat from your car pictures. I would go with the 1st pic too.

gene said...

new theme looks great.

happy sunday.

Babs Blog said...

LOVE the new layout! Very nice!
Where are you taking this most fabulous class? Sounds like an amazing way to spend some time!