Friday, December 19, 2008

the winter obsession

i wish our home could look like this year 'round. james and i equally share a love for wintertime and the snow. because we don't get any snow here in the central valley (at least normally), we decide to bring it all inside and make winter for ourselves so we can pretend. :)

...looks like i need some more tea lights. :)

i love to reuse winter trees are stored away each year and reused (from our wedding). eventually i will have to re-snow some new trees as i am sure these will get weathered and "old" looking. but for now i love them. this was such an easy little project...i just scattered some snowflake candle holders, glass trees (cb2), clear candlesticks and some snowy branches and trees. the last thing i did was add a snowy bird (of course) and some beautiful (LONG) icicles from my girlfriend. and there you have it, a winter wonderland table!

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