Friday, December 19, 2008

the end.

besides sparkly decorations, family time, memories, and lots of love, our christmas is always full of a lot of this...

(at least mine is)

definitely A LOT of this

and of course lots of this...

i hope your hearts and bellies are full this year as well. thanks for stopping by and touring our new little home. :) merry merry christmas.

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Rachel Smith said...

oh my goodness Rachel, i love how you gave a tour of your house!! it looks amazing, i would never want to leave for work because its decorated so beautifully!!

I love winter time too, its my favorite, and so to be in a house like yours... i would be in partial heaven hahahaha

So thanks for taking all those pictures and sharing the different lighting and angles! :)

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS... coming up :) lol