Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I have decided that this is the life. Really and honestly, this is the life. It doesn't get much better. I looove vacation. I also love summer when I am not at home in Visalia. The beach is glorious. The weather ideal. The food scrumptious. The company perfect. It's so good, we don't ever want to leave. I hope you get out of town and on a vacation this summer...it's all coming to an end so quickly!

Caprinteria. Home away from home.


erin said...

ohhhh... so beautiful! I'm trying to decide where I would want to place my chair in that scene and weather I'd want my camera or a drink in my hand... I'll be honest... I'm leaning toward a drink! I hope you're getting lots of rest and having a TON of fun! :)

Catalina said...

Seriously, Rach, I am jealous. Heath and I have been trying to get to the coast all summer!! We still haven't made it:( I would love to make your nieces shoes. Trace their feet for me. love ya!

Lori said...

That makes me miss our trip to carp. grill up some steak for me at the palms