Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have long been a fan of Jessica Rust and her dishes. They are uniquely quaint and while they seem so dainty, they also look incredibly durable! The problem is, I can't decide which piece is my favorite. I feel like Jessica crawled inside my head, took a look around at my favorite things, and plastered them onto some dinnerware!

First we have the birds. Love birds. This is one of my obsessions.

Next we have blossoms. Another big obsession. In fact, our dinnerware has cherry blossoms on them. Love. Love. Love

Then we have the Family Tree. I love this dish for lots of reasons. #1. I love trees. Our wedding was filled with trees of all sorts. Every time I go to my in-laws ranch I fall in love with trees all over again. #2. I love the idea of a family tree. For the last several years I have thought about researching our heritage and creating a family tree for my husband and I. Seems really cool. How amazing to give this gift to a mom&dad or grandma&grandpa who have been married for a billion years. You could have their wedding date printed in the roots of the tree and have all their kids and grandkids names up in the branches. I would love that gift. But that's just me...I like sentimental things. :) #3. More birds.

This design could actually fall under the previous category of "trees," then again my love for birch is just about as strong as my love for trees so I think this platter should stand alone. Birch. Beautiful. And with initials engraved into the trunk is just precious.

More love birds, different design.

Love birds platter...(thought I would squeeze as many birds onto the post as I could.) hehe


Jamie said...

I love birds too, it's funnny my close friend Jenn hates them. I don't know how you could hate birds? I like the plate design second from the bottomn with the love birds and the family tree one. But theyre all great.

Happy Birthday to your BEAUTIFUL Mom. My Mom just had her birthday too.

Ms. 122 said...

love the dishes!!

also, i put a link to your blog on 122RollCall